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Aussie Translator

Aussie Translator

Do you have trouble understanding some of your Australian friends? Are you heading Down Under for a holiday? If so, then you may need help understanding some of the unique Australian phrases. Aussie translator contains meanings of many of the common Australian slang phrases, as well as a practical example of their use.

Aussie Translator contains over 700 Australian slang phrases, their common English meanings and a practical example of their use.

The phrases are dinki di Australian, I was born and live Down Uunder.

You can either search for a particular Aussie phrase you are having trouble with, or you can hit the 'Random Phrase' button and be surprised by a phrase picked at random.

There are audio files for 12 of the example phrases. If an audio file exists for an example phrase, a speaker icon will appear in the lower right hand corner. Press the icon to hear the phrase.

Phrases with audio files can be displayed by selecting the "Display audio only" menu setting.

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Aussie Translator Aussie Translator Aussie Translator

Aussie Translator requests the following permsissions:

  • Full internet access
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