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Other Services

I can also offer a range of professional business services, including database design, creation of presentations, proof reading and internet research.

Database Design

Thumbnail of Excel Database

I can design and create databases using both MS Access and MS Excel. The databases can contain all the features you want, including data entry forms, drop down menu selections, data reporting forms and any kind of post processing.

I designed and created this database using MS Excel (a client request). Data is entered using a form and is post-processed using VB coding.

The client was so impressed that they recommended me to create a similar database for a colleague.

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I am skilled in the production of high quality, professional presentations. I am proficient with MS PowerPoint and can take your ideas and turn them into a highly polished and informative presentation.

Proof Reading

Have you written a technical document and want an experienced professional to proof read before publication? I can provide a high quality proof reading service for any of your publications, however, I specailise in technical documents. I can provide proof reading services for:

  • Formal letters
  • Meeting minutes
  • Technical documents
  • Instruction manuals and guides
  • Conference papers
  • Thesis papers

Internet Research

I can perform any type of Internet research for you. For example:

  • Creation of a targeted list of companies for direct marketing purposes
  • Creation of taxonomy lists for any category
  • In-depth product descriptions

The research results can be provided in any format including; plain text, MS Excel spreadsheet, MS Access database or a MS Word document.

If required, the research can be post processed and further distilled according to any requirements. For example, data could be represented graphically or a statistical analysis could be performed to identify trends, etc.


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